PCCupid's Referral Program

I've tried the mailed flyers, I've done the mailed coupon booklets and half-page local magazine ad, I've got my high-tech flashing car wrap lighting up the night sky, I've done the radio commercial thing... but you know what they say... "word of mouth" is the best advertising because it is a first-hand experience from someone you know and trust. If you enjoy my in-home computer service, you're more likely to share that experience with your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers, right?

Much of PCCupid's growth during 2013 has come from referrals. I want to create a way to say “Thank You” to all my WONDERFUL clients who have championed my services & success and have referred people to me.

Here's the deal: If you refer three paying clients to me within any thirty day period, I will take you to lunch at your favorite local lunch spot, on me! You can pick my brain and ask all the computer questions you want, or... we can talk about your pets, your pests or pet peaves, your kids, your goats, your grandkids (and grandgoats!)... even your Aunt Mable's bursitis if you wish... open topic!

There you go....three referrals and I'm coming to take you away, away, I'm coming to take you to lunch!

Now tell me, what other computer guy or repair shop you know that will make you that offer?