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First off, let's get this out of the way right up front... I'm sorry if PCCupid isn't the local online dating service you were hoping for (wink, wink :) In fact, it is a website where everyday computer users can get fast and effective help with their in-home computer issues. The "PC" in "PCCupid" stands for the servicing of Personal Computers and the "Cupid" portion represents the In-Home Service Clients LOVE!... plus it was the first available domain name I found that would fit on my car's license plate! :) PCCupid's services include computer servicing & repairs in addition to operating system and software training. Okay, now that we've gotten that formality out of the way, let's move on.

If you've taken the time to find this and read it, I'll assume you're one of the ever-growing lists of people that are tired of poor customer service forced upon you by companies off-shoring their technical support.

You're tired of:
•  Searching for that ever-illusive CUSTOMER SERVICE phone number. That's by design folks! When companies stink at customer service, they purposefully make contacting them difficult. You and I both know they don't want to hear yet another customer complaint. They know they suck, that's why they don't make it easy for customers to contact them. My phone number is easy to find, easy to remember and heck… you'll find it flashing on the side of my car after dark!
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You're tired of:
•  Unnecessarily complicated PHONE MENUS. If you happen to find the hidden phone number, these awful companies are hoping their annoyingly-complicated phone menus will stop you. “Press 1 for more frustration”, “Press 2 so we can show you how important your call is to us… NOT!”, “Press 3 if you enjoy wasting your valuable time On Hold”, “Press 4 if you enjoy the challenge of trying to hear or understand our script-readers in India”. Do you miss the days when you made a call and a real live, breathing (dare I say, “caring”?) human being actually answered the phone? Call my number, if I'm not with a client, I will be the one answering your call. No menu, no secretary, no incompetent twenty-something office worker that can't write down a proper message, none of that frustration. You call me, you get me, it's that simple and it is by design!

You're tired of:
•  Waiting ON HOLD. Don't you just love their lies when they tell you, “Your call is important to us, please continue to hold. Your wait time is 15 minutes, please enjoy our selection of elevator music while we continue to waste your time”. Again, shame on them! Your time is every bit as important as theirs! They can't call it Customer Service if you can't actually get service, right? Your life is probably already too busy; you don't need some lame company adding to the mix by wasting your time because they can't get their act together. There is a better way to get computer help in your home, just call PCCupid. One call connects you with PCCupid's owner, proprietor, President, CEO, chief cook and bottle washer. Heck, I've even changed burnt out lights in one client's kitchen during a home visit (true story, right C.H.?) I will be the one coming to your home. What other company does that? Where else will you get “that” kind of service? Call me whatever title you want, but just call! (909) 481-7777. Most other “service” companies have employees that the owners/management hides behind. They deliberately make it difficult to speak with management personnel. I'm just the opposite of that. I don't even want employees because I don't believe they'd be able to provide the knowledge, expertise, work experience and people skills I believe it takes to be successful at in-home computer service. You have to be a “people person” first and foremost. Then you also have to have the technical skills to get the job done and finally and probably most important… old-fashioned people skills so as not to talk down to, talk over their heads, embarrass or shame your clients.

You're tired of:
•  Trying to Hear/Understand those AGENTS FROM INDIA .
This is a result of your telephone, cable, internet, or appliance company trying to save money by “off shoring” their customer support. You know what's coming… Shame on them! As I'm sure you've already experienced… in reality, the only thing they're doing is frustrating, angering and alienating their customers. Am I right? Chances are, your Indian agent (tech support type, not cowboys and Indians :) is probably a young minimum-wage earner (minimum wage in India nonetheless!) that qualified for the job because he/she happens to be able to read/speak barely negligible English. You're hired kid! They're reading from a script that they won't deviate from unless your questions throw them for a curve. Why do you think they put you on hold so much? Their searching for an answer to your question because it wasn't on their script! Wanna have some fun? Next time, ask your agent where they earned their computer degree? Ask how many years of professional IT experience they have? Ask them what technical certifications they carry. Once they disappoint you with their answers, call me. I have a four-year computer degree, I have 18 years of professional IT experience working and managing Help Desks in corporate/collegiate environments. I hold a Microsoft Office User's Certified Master Instructor certificate and I've earned a California Teaching Credential [see them for yourself!]. If you think your tech support agent from India has better qualifications, go ahead and make that call (literally!). However, if you are like ALL MY OTHER CURRENT CLIENTS, that kind of crapshoot customer service / technical support just doesn't make sense to you and you feel you deserve a better experience… you'll call PCCupid in nearby Alta Loma, CA. I speak plain English, I'm 7000 miles closer, no plumber's crack, I smell good and chances are, I can be on your door step within the hour!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm on a one-man crusade to bring back good, old fashioned customer service. Something that has all but vanished and is almost completely lacking in today's business (and personal) relationships. It's such a national problem that it's being discussed today on popular, national talk shows such as ABC's “The View” with Barbara Walters.
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And believe it or not, the experts are blaming it on technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and the anonymity of the Internet. People don't “talk” (or listen) to each other anymore. Social networks my arss! What's social about having a long list of strangers you've never met (nor will ever meet) on your “Wastebook” page? If you want to be social, step outside and talk to someone face-to-face for Pete's sake! I'm out to rectify that problem… one client at a time.

Do you remember the “ding, ding” you'd hear when pulling into a “full service” gas station? If not, ask your parents or grandparents about it or Google it. The duty attendant would come running out to your car to pump your gas, look under the hook, check your belts, water and oil, wiper fluid level, air pressure in your tires, take your cash, give you change and hand you S&H Green Stamps… all with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Think “"Goober" and “Gomer” on the Andy Griffith Show or the old Texaco TV commercial, ”“You can trust your car to the man who wears the star…” Do you remember that kind of warm, friendly service? That's what's missing in today's “customer service” arena. Nowadays you're literally treated as just a number (now serving number 123! ), your time isn't as important as the company's time because after they made you wait on hold for 15 minutes just to talk to a human being…they still can't pin down a exact time for your appointment so they give you a four or eight-hour window where you have to lose a day's pay, stay at home and waste YOUR TIME waiting on that service technician to show up. And why do you feel like you're always the last one on their appointment list that day? You know how it goes… your appointment window is from 10:00AM to 2:00PM and he shows up at 2:30! How do they do that over and over with such consistency? Shame, shame, shame on them! Is it just me or do you think they suck at customer service too?

Company after company will consistently underwhelm their customers and clients with negligible customer service skills. NOT ME! I vow to be better than that. Ask me for some client referrals; go ahead, I beg you! I've had clients tell me [unprompted]: “Let me know if you need a reference, I'd be happy to talk to people about you and your services”. Folks, you don't get that kind of happy, satisfied clients by showing up late, smelling like yesterday's BO and sporting a “plumber's crack! Even the guy that repaired my refrigerator last year had his "repairman's crack" on! And yes, he arrived late! Don't these guys own a belt or mirror, a watch or deodorant?

You know how your telephone company, cable company or home insurance warranty company will set up an “appointment” with you and then say you have a four or eight hour “service window”? Shame on them. That sucks, right? No four hour service “window” with me. When we agree on a time, that's when I'll be knocking on your door. My clients like the fact that I'm always prompt which to me means “on time” if not early. My motto, “You can't be on time if you're not early”.

Here's how I do it: I use the Appointment and Reminder features in Outlook and on my iPhone religiously. It's how I keep track of client appointments and stay on track, on time. I will call you as I leave my house to let your know I'm on my way. I'll show up on time (if not a few minutes early) 99% of the time and here's how: Never knowing how California traffic will be, I'll leave in plenty of time to get to your location early, prior to our agreed upon appointment time. If traffic is good and I get there way early, I'll park down the street and tackle some email. This process allows me to knock on your door at the exact agreed upon time. If I'm going to be a few minutes early, I'll call you to see if you're okay with me arriving early. In the unlikely event that I can't get there on time, I will call you to let you know and the reason for the delay. Being respectful of your time (and mine) used to be common sense but common sense is no longer common these days, especially in the business world!

Even with my education, work background and experience, I can't tackle ALL computer issues. I do know my limits of what I can and can't do both legally and ethically. So here's the deal: if I can't personally fix your computer issue, I can refer you to those that can and I won't charge you a dime! If I wasn't able to help you myself, I don't feel its right to charge you anything. I know people say, “But your time has got to be worth something.” I agree… it is, but I'm in this business for the long-haul. I receive a lot of personal fulfillment helping folks with technical issues. It gives me great satisfaction and enjoyment. I'm not looking to make a quick buck. I want to cultivate life-long relationships with my clients, not just take their money and run. I want you to be so enamored with my personal service that you call me first... each and every time you have a computer problem and so charmed by your PCCupid that you can't help but share my contact information with all computer users you know. And they don't even have to be local anymore! If your Aunt Dorothy ("and Toto too!") in Kansas has a Windows 7 (or above) computer, I might still be able to help them with the build-in Remote Assistant feature. As long as they have a working phone line, email account and an internet connection on their end, I should be able to remote into their computer to see what the problem is.

Okay, if you've read down this far, God Bless you for hanging in there and I trust what you just read has been worth your while. As you can probably tell by now, I'm passionate about helping people with in-home computer issues. It is what I do, I've done it for 18 years now. My clients tell me I'm good at it and they seem to honestly love my services. If you believe you deserve a better customer support experience when it comes to getting help with your in-home computer issues, you've come to the right place. Once a new client invites me into their home that first time, they know they don't have to go anywhere else for computer help. Many clients end up coming to my home, meeting my sister and becoming family friends and fans of my musical act "What Band?" too! If that's the kind of computer guy and the kind of technical assistance you'd like, give me a call. I'd love to help.

Keith Lawton – Owner, PCCupid
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